MD Personal Consultant

Holistic Energy Health & Healing with Tina Danielson, MD. Tina, a retired Family Practice MD,  provides health care consulting and energy medicine therapy for Health and Wellness Consultations, Medical Advocacy, HeartMath®Biofeedback, mind-body therapies, and energy based therapy, specializing in medical intuitive reiki. Discuss your health, medications, treatments and options. Develop a holistic approach to health and wellness for you.

CDMD Consulting offers multiple modalities to help you find the health and healing you are looking for. Schedule a Private Consultation about your health issues, past medical history and holistic energy health options. Health and Healing Initiative workshops are offered monthly through Healing with MO at  

 Schedule  by contacting Dr Danielson at or call 904-460-2814

Personal consultations and treatments start with a full discussion of your concerns, your medical issues, and your desires for the future. Dr Tina will review the western and alternative medicine modalities you are currently using and help you progress to the Health and Healing Initiatives you want to pursue for the outcome you desire: Health and Well-Being.

COST: $60/hour

phone: 920-858-1668