Intuitive Reiki

Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality now recognized by the NIH as an Alternative and Complementary Medicine specialty. Just as accupuncture/accupressure (based on meridians) work to improve energy flow,  Reiki also focuses on releasing blockage and restoring energy flow. Reiki clearing of chakras can remove energies absorbed through events of the day or the past. Chakra balancing is relaxing and invigorating and always beneficial. Reiki treatment for enhancing meridian connection and flow improves your resilience and intuition. Feel the difference. Schedule your Reiki session with Dr Tina today.

Reiki is an ancient tradition with honored teachers passing knowledge, techniques, and attunements through the years. One of Dr Danielson's Reiki Master Teacher is Maureen Aurta in St Augustine, Fl.  Dr Tina is a Usui Reiki Master and Practitioner. She integrates her medical knowledge with her Reiki training and experience to provide a relaxing balancing of your personal energy field. Everyone acquires excess energy from your experiences throughout the day, month, years, etc.  Reiki energy treatments help you release what you don't need or want, restore balance to your system, and balances and reenergize your chakras. In so doing you feel lighter, calmer, and more centered. Health and Healing Initiatives should always make time for centering, calming, and recharging. Come in today and feel the difference.   

COST: $150/ session 


phone #920-858-1668