HeartMath®, Biofeedback and Health

HeartMath® is an internationally known technique and technology, offering tools to resolve anxiety, depression, elevated blood pressure, and so much more. With use of HeartMath® technology, biofeedback is used to learn how to put and keep your mind, body and emotions in optimal coherent function and communication.

HeartMath® provides tools and technology and training for personal development to manage your own energy.  In short, it is an Energy Management System you can learn and practice.  Learning to put your body into a coherent state improves focus, blood pressure, blood sugars, heart rate, sleep, physical performance, longeviity and so much more. Explore HeartMath at https://www.heartmath.com

Dr Tina will teach you the science and validation of the techniques and technology and train you on HeartMath®Pro at your visits. You can also purchase hand held devices to continue your biofeedback on the go and at home . Your progress at home can be made available to Dr Tina so she can monitor your progress and advance your skills. Physiological changes are documentable within 6 weeks at only five10min sessions/week. Teaching and Training HeartMath® Biofeedback will change your life.

COST  $90/private coaching session

contact # 920-858-1668 for appointment