Zenith Services

Zenith Reiki and. Holistic Health with Tina/ Christine Danielson, MD, CRM, PLT, HMT provides:  : Reiki Energy Balancing and Healing Intuitive Counseling,  Health and Wellness Consultations,  Medical Advocacy,  HeartMath®Biofeedback,  Mind-Body therapies,  Chakra Balancing Reiki   Past Lives Regression Therapy Mediumship Readings

Reiki Health Benefits

 Symptom and pain relief 
 Increased energy and vitality 
Stress reduction mental clarity emotional well-being Preventative health care

Zenith Reiki with Tina

Reiki - Reiki is more than relaxing. Reiki is an energy connection. Schedule for a Chakra Balancing and Energy Block Release to promote health and healing or open your intuition.  The goal of an energy session is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system, remove subconscious blocks that interfere with natural energy flow and release past traumas. Revitalize your natural pathways, feel relaxed, refreshed and empowered. As a well known intuitive, Tina's energy channeling always has special messages and guidance as well.

HeartMath® Counseling/Training/Workshops

HeartMath® Training - Learn and practice guided biofeedback to align your parasympathetic nervous system for optimal coherence. This will address your medical issues without adding pharma. Tina helps you develop the skills you need on the go to get back to health, focus, and enhanced wellbeing. Reach out and schedule today. Teach yourself, change your physiology. You can feel the difference the first time Tina coaches you through it. You can change your physiology, and your life. Go to: HeartMath for more information.  It's free and full of resources.

Past Lives Therapy

Nonhypnosis PLT - Past Life Regression Therapy is a conscious therapy technique to help people find where emotional and physical trauma is still affecting their current emotional and physical health. Subconscious pathways run 24/7. Tina is trained to tap into what is subconsciously running your life and body and, during therapy, she helps you release it and rewrite it,  consciously telling it what you want from here on out. PLT is a phenomenal technique, though a time consuming commitment. It is especially helpful for those who have tried many other medical and non-medical investigations and can't find out what is wrong or how to deal with it. Google: Past Life Regression Therapy for more info. This helps you make a change, not just for "curiosity' of who your past lives were. Finding a past life and not healing it's karma can be detrimental therefore I highly recommend you find a qualified regression therapist and  not just a regression hypnotist for curiosity.

Spiritual Counseling/Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology /Psychic Intuitive Spiritual Counseling  Tina is not only trained and experienced in counseling throughout her medical career, but has developed skills as a medical intuitive .PsychicIntuitive counseling brings in messages and guidance from energetic sources. She also uses and teaches Tapping, muscle testing, guided meditations, and more. These are all powerful tools to use for uncovering hidden beliefs and old programming that keep us stuck in unhealthy pattern and, choices or even relationships that limit us.

Medical Advocate with Dr Tina

Medical Advocate - for your own peace of mind and those you love. As a retired MD, Dr Danielson extends an invitation to you and your loved ones to act as your medical advocate. Do you feel overwhelmed, confused or have questions regarding test results, medications, medical recommendations, and so much more? As your medical advocate Dr. Danielson will sit down with you and review your questions, med lists, tests, and more. She will explain anything in detail to help you evaluate your situation and feel better about the choices your are making for self care and wellbeing. Dr. Danielson has been a blessing for children whose parents live here in Florida. She will do Video calls with family members and their loved one, reviewing results from a recent Dr's visit, hospitalization, give second opinions, and provide a home evaluation where she can check BP, BS, and vitals. She is also available to accompany clients to their appointment to help question the doctor and respond to results and reccomendations. Privacy and Hippa Laws apply.

Public Speaker/ Facilitator for Health and Wellness

Public Speaker/ HR Facilitator for Worksite Wellness | Lifestyle Education  Holistic Health & Healing.Biz offers a variety of wellness programs. Presentations and speaking engagements may be customized to meet your organization or workplace wellness objectives Dr. Danielson has provided HeartMath® retreats and weekend workshops. HeartMath® is an internationally recognized tool for advancing intuitive decision making, focus and performance, communication, productivity, health and emotional balance based on Vagus Nerve Regulation.  Explore https://www.heartmath.com/organizations/ for more details.


As a Teacher and Educator Dr Tina presents many workshops offered @ Mystic Light Center throughout the year. Health and Wellness, Mystic Development, Immunity, HeartMath, Intuition and much more. Call Tina today to discuss presentations you would like to offer at your business, organization, or facility.

Equine Assisted Therapy with Tina

Equine Assisted Therapy: Equine Assisted Awareness Retreats are offered at Mystic Farms Retreats in SAINT AUGUSTINE, FlORIDA. Come meet Danny Boy and Trigger. Empowerment and awarenesses through horses is a an easy way to synchronize and develop physical and emotional coherence for your own enlightenment and healing. Let your emotions surface and settle. Horses mirror your emotions. This facilitates awareness, insight and resolution. Join Tina at Mystic Farms Retreats and experience the magic and healing of horses.

Meditation/Facebook Live Presentations

Meditation: Join Maureen Aruta,  Dr. Tina Danielson and a special guests each month at Full Moon Meditation offered as a Facebook live presentation on Healing with Mo. Join  Saint-Augustine-Reiki-Exchange on MeetUp for free and stay up to date on all our events and Facebook live presentations. These are taped at the Mystic Light Center, 2825 North Tenth Street, St Augustine, Florida. View prior meditations in video section below or on HealingwithMo. Relax, Enjoy, Revitalize.  Nameste!

Mediumship Development Circle

Mediumship: As a practicing evidential medium, Tina offers private sessions  and groups gallery events. In service to Spirit, she helps  connect you to your loved ones on the other side, validating their presence in your life then and now and relaying the messages Spirit feels you need to receive at this time. Gallery Parties are a great, fun activity to offer for a family or friend gathering or even just a group social event. Schedule a private reading today for a chance to hear from your loved ones. Or Schedule a Psychic Party where Tina provides a Gallery Reading to your group of friends, coworkers, or organization.  It's a really unique opportunity for an entertaining and fulfilling evening.

Mystic Development Coach

Mystic Development Coach: Exploring Energy and your personal gifts is evolving exponentially. Tina Danielson MD, retired from western medicine, integrates years of teaching traditional science with teaching and coaching the mystic arts. All senses are natural and can be enhanced and explored. Doing so with safety, guidelines, ethics and practical lessons enhances your development and understanding. Safety first. Learn what is necessary. Learn how to explore your interest. Learn how to expand your skills. Coaching is a long respected profession, and it applies to the mystic arts as well as personal development Call Tina today for a consultation 920-858-1668 Mystic Development Coach: