Christine Danielson MD
Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dr Danielson graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1986 and was first board certified in Family Practice in 1989.

Since 2006 she has expanded her education and experience, focusing on Energy Medicine Alternatives. Tina was certified as a Usui Reiki as a Master Practitioner in 2013, became certified in the Netherington Method Past Life Therapy in 2014, and has been a Licensed a HeartMath®Trainer since 2016.

She created Conscious Integration Therapy in 2014, which is now integrated into CDMD Consulting where she melds Holistic Therapies and Energy Medicine with Western Medicine knowledge.

She has a passion for teaching and presents monthly meditations, workshops private training and coaching. She is available for Human Resource Staff and Employee Health and Wellness Retreats, College Student Health and Advancement Classes, Corporate Enrichment Seminars, and K-12 HeartMath®Presentations as a Certified HeartMath®Facilitator, highly recommended for large groups and small in First Responder Enrichment as well.

Call today for a free consultation or book her for your next Staff or Enrichment offering.