13 May

Hello to all.  My name is Tina.  Officially, including the alphabets after my name, I am Christine Danielson M.D., MS, BA, CPLT, CHLC, Certified HeartMath® Trainer and CEO of Conscious Integration Therapy. Sorry about that, but I was told it was important to list it all.  Anyway, I was born in Iowa, lived in and out of foster care my first three years then was blessed with very loving and down to earth parents, a grade school teacher and a farmer.  Being raised as a farmer's daughter,  I had first hand experience with life, death, births, and much more.  I loved it all. From the start I had a passion for knowledge-particularly the biological sciences.  I had to work multiple jobs to make my way through college, graduate school and medical school.  Eventually I became board certified in Family Practice, which meant I could finally get paid to pay off my student loans. From the start I worked in multi-disciplinary clinics. I started in Indiana, then Michigan and eventually Wisconsin. I had dedicated over 25 years to learning and practicing allopathic medicine.  I wanted to help people.  I wanted to teach people how to help themselves.  I wanted to learn all I could and put it to good use for the good of others.
Then came MS. Multiple Sclerosis. An over working single mom doesn’t get much time for self care, so eventually the dis-ease got the best of me. Though that was a death to my career and my dreams at that time, it birthed a new path. If I wanted to stand at my son's graduation or my daughter's wedding someday, I needed to take my state of health and my approach to life seriously in hand. After some very interesting encounters (which I hope to share later) I learned there was a great big world out there outside of my western medicine viewbox. I was skeptical of many, enthralled by others, and disgusted by some. But eventually I became my own guru in alternative and holistic medicine approaches to dis-ease, health and well-being. I can say now that I was put in a very unique position. Not only can I see the world through the eyes and education of western medicine, but I add knowledge, experience and insights that came from being open to multiple"out-of-the box" approaches to health and wellness and have learned how to incorporate them both.
There was an English internist who traveled the world and taped a series of shows for TV exploring and exposing the world to extreme "out-there" methods used by tribes or cultures most of us don't even know exist. I'm not going there. There are amazing healing approaches used by people in your very own backyard, available on line, or even at your local stores. There are so many things you can be trained to do for yourself, to help yourself and your loved ones. You can get trained as a healer, learn how to use so many different tools, access practitioners both locally or long distance (via the internet). There are webinars, certifications, training seminars, zoom calls, etc etc etc. I've been exploring the background, development and use of many of the options out there that, from my medical background, have a valid base to their claims to fame. It started with me wanting help for my own condition. I became my own health advocate, but learned to listen to my inner intuition and trust it. My goal is to help you do the same. While looking for all possible helpful ways to enhance my own body, mind and spirit I have learned amazing things and met some really amazing people.There is so much out there! I had NO IDEA! And without being forced to step aside from my plan to practice western medicine, because of MS, I would never have known. I would probably never even looked.
Believe me, Christine Danielson, MD, there is more to medicine than just going to the doctor for medication. Never NOT go to the doctor if you need to. Never NOT take the medicine you've been prescribed. But I hope to help you address the confusion and clarify the clutter for yourself so you can decide wisely when you CAN use alternative approaches in addition to treatment or even before the need for the doctor arises. There's so much to this existence we don't understand or have insight to. Amazingly, there are people out there that have insight and knowledge from sources that are NOT just "hoop-la". You've seen things in movies or on TV. There have been books up the whazoo. Bottom line, you must be your own guru. But to get there you need to open up to the whole that is available. Essential oils, herbs, organics, meditation, energy medicine, energy psychology, tai chi, GiGong, shamanism, mediumship, EFT, mind mapping, Reiki, - really, the list is amazing. No one thing is perfect every time, especially for newbies. But there is so much out there that is so good for you. Every doctor will tell you that you won't get well if, on the inside, you don't want to. There have always been amazing stories of a miracle cure or an unexplained death. If you want to, there are many ways that you can help yourself. Improve your mind, body and spirit. Improve your lifestyle and life choices. Prevent dis-ease, restore energy, extend life. Let's explore. Dr Tina D

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